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Holmes Ives


The Story

Ives’ debut downtempo construction began in 1995, the night he let go a nine year relationship. The song “Eyes of Paradise” was born that night, The inspiration and the journey of finding and losing love would carry him through until the completion of Satyriasis in 1999. This melancholic melodic journey is layered in intricate musical patterns stemming stylistically from trip-hop, down-tempo, intelligent drum’n’bass. The song ‘Effervescence’ was to be a part of ‘Satyriasis’ but a friend of Ives heard it and recommended that he remix it and shop it to some underground dance labels. A DC based label Musicnow Records was sold on it and in 1997 Holmes Ives began a relationship with the underground dance music scene that lasts to this day. Unfortunately due to exclusivity of the contract with MNR, the song Effervescence had to be removed from the album. We are working with MNR to allow us to present that song for you to listen to and enjoy in it’s rightful place here as a part of the Satyriasis.


Album Artwork

The album was to bear more fruit to the dance music scene and the track, “Sublimation” was signed to Shaken Not Stirred Records in 1998 and was followed by the signing of “Ovation” in ’99, both songs feature the vocals of Devika. “Eros”, which was originally composed in 1996 has been remixed as an ambient piece by Ives for the Tetrasomia circus show in 2001 and is featured on the album “Tetrasomia”. Eros was to be remixed yet again by Ives and this time as a Progressive House tune which was signed to Yoshitoshi/Shinichi records in 2001. Though ‘Satyriasis’ was never officially released it has been the seed study of all that Ives composes today. We invite you to download this album to hear for yourself the melodic sonic landscapes of the early Ives. Check back with us periodically as we will be featuring some remixes from Satyriasis over the coming months.

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