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Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue project are making a difference in the oceans of the world. The Ocean is where we all come from and where life and all it's abundance originates. A billion people sustain themselves from the ocean and it is vital that we take care of it for future generations and for ourselves. Get involved, donate, consider your own impact and make a change. One by one we do make a difference. Sylvia is an inspiration so at least watch Mission Blue on Netflix and/or explore the Mission Blue website.

Ever think about what the impact of our clothes have on the environment. I had no clue actually and it wasn't until I saw the Documentary 'River Blue' that it really hit home just how much one pair of jeans can impact the environment let alone millions. We are truly at a tipping point with this gift that is the abundant beauty of nature. We have to make a change and fast. Time is running out to save what is left and bring it back to health. There are options and technologies. It just takes the will of each of us to push it forward. The documentary is not available to watch for free but can be rented or purchased on YoutubeiTunes and others. Check out the Website.

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