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     -Jette Kelly, Holmes Ives - Red (Seven Sins and Counting)
     -Donna Lewis, Holmes Ives - Messenger, Corridors, The Mark (Rooms With a View)

     -Holmes Ives - Once Lost Then Found - Uptempo
     -Holmes Ives - Once Lost Then Found - Downtempo

    - Jette Kelly, Holmes Ives - When We Were (In the Deep) Remastered
    -Three Tragic Myths - The Wanderer (Album) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives & Meté Tasin - Ayriliq (Single) OVA Records
    -Donna Lewis - I Told You So - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Six Degrees
    -Holmes Ives & Devika - Jab Se Piya: The Remixes Vol II (Single) OVA Records
    - Karsh Kale - Across the Ocean - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Mighty Junn
    -Micke - Coercion - Oko Tek Remix (Single) Black Hole Records

    -Holmes Ives - Pneuma (Album) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives & Devika - Jab Se Piya: The Remixes Vol. I (Single) OVA Records
    -Mustafa Akbar - Resist - Holmes Ives Remix (Remixed) Fort Knox Recordings

    -Holmes Ives feat Avalon Frost - 8 Letters - David Penn Remix (Single) Yoshitoshi

    -Holmes Ives & Jen Dawson - Pandora (Album) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives - In Love & Light v3: The Remixes (Single) OVA Records

    -Holmes Ives - In Love & Light vol III (Album) OVA Records

    -Jai Uttal - Govinda - Holmes Ives Remix (Compilation) Clubstar

    -Holmes Ives - In Love & Light vol. II (Album) OVA Records
    - Holmes Ives - Stop Turn Breathe (Single) Midi Life Records
    -Second Sky - The Art of Influence - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Rhythm & Culture Recordings

    -Devika & Holmes Ives - Aaja Piya (Single) Faith Records
    -See-I - Distrurbancy - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Fort Knox Records

    -Holmes Ive & Lane McCray - Boom (Single) OVA Records

    -Jette-Ives - Vexed: The Remixes (Single) OVA Records

    -Holmes Ives feat Dominique - In the Beginning (Various Artists) Below Zero

    -Jette-Ives - In the Presence of... : The Remixes (Single) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives feat Avalon Frost - 8 Letters Remixes (Single) Shinichi
    -Azam Ali - Endless Reverie - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Six Degrees Records

    -Holmes Ives - In Love & Light vol. I (Album) OVA Records
    -Jette-Ives - In the Deep (Album) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives feat Seroya - Where You Are: The Remixes (Single) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives feat Laura Burhenn - Charcoal Love: The Remixes (Single) OVA Records
    -Sophie & Ives - Awaken: The Remixes (Single) OVA Records

    -Sophie & Ives - Untie Me (Album) OVA Records
    -Holmes Ives feat Avalon Frost - 8 Letters (Single) Shinichi

    -Holmes Ives - Tetrasomia (Album) OVA Records
    -Sophie Moleta - Eluard - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Yoshitoshi
    -Juliet & Stroud - The Ecstacy - Oko Tek Remix (Single) Mining Vinyl

    -Seroya - Only Your Love - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Shinichi
    -Holmes Ives - The Future - (Compilation) Yoshitoshi
    -Memnon - In This Moment (Single) Musicnow

    -I Want Y0u (For Myself) The Remixes (Single) Yoshotoshi Recordings
    -Holmes Ives - Eros (Single) Shinichi
    -Holmes Ives - Phusis (Single) Hope Recordings
    -Memnon - Locutus (Single) Musicnow
    -HDI - Decimator - (Single) Renaissance
    -Oko Tek - Spirits/White Light (Single) Musicnow
    -Oko Tek - Bento (Single) Choo Choo Records
    -Salome & Ives - Mystic Roya (Single) Bedrock
    -Kings of Tomorrow - I Want You (For Myself) - Holmes Ives Remix (Single) Yoshitoshi
    -Gruvhaus - Inspired By - Oko Tek Remix (Single) Release Records

    -Memnon - Eclipse (Single) Musicnow
    -Oko Tek - Luminous (Single) Bedrock
    -Oko Tek - Avatar Space (Single) Musicnow

    -Oko Tek - Tazer (Single) Musicnow
    -Array - Digital Origin - Oko Tek Remix (Single) Stellar

    -Memnon - Orchis (Single) Musicnow Records
    -Memnon feat Seroya - Desire (Single) Renaissance
    -Blue Savannah - Liquid Language - Memnon Remix (Single) Stimuli Records
    -Hyperformance - Ignition - Memnon Remix (Single) Musicnow Records

    -Holmes Ives - Satyriasis (Album) OVA Records
    -Memnon - Question (Single) Musicnow Records
    -Memnon - Search and Rescue (Single) Musicnow Records
    -Aurora vs. Michael Meacham - Exit 9 (Single) Caffeine Records
    -Auroron - Far Love (Single) Musicnow Records
    -OVA - Sublimation (Single) Shaken Not Stirred
    -Moby - Runon - Aurora vs Michael Meacham (Single) Mute Records
    -Libra presents Taylor - Anomaly Calling Your Name - Memnon Remix (Single) Musicnow Records
    -SLP - Supernova - Memnon Remix (Single) Fade Records
    -Boston Bruins vs Transformer 2 - Raise Your Hands - Aurora Remix (Single) Stimuli Records

    -Holmes Ives - Satyriasis (Album) OVA Records
    -Memnon - Effervescence (Single) Musicnow Records
    -Aurora - Concentrate (Single) Musicnow Records
    -OVA - Ovation (Single) Shaken Not Stirred 
    -BT - Godspeed - Memnon Remix ( Single) Musicnow Records
    -BT - Prometheun Groove - Aurora Remix (Single) Musicnow Records

    -Three Tragic Myths - v143 (Album) OVA Records
    -Ministry - Here We Go - Three Tragic Myths (Cover) Fifth Column Records

    -Perceptual Outer Dimension - Euphonia (Album) Fifth Column Records

    -Perceptual Outer Dimension - Journey to Planet POD (Album) Fifth Column Records

    -Perceptual Outer Dimension - Goofisms of the Goobed (Album) Self Release

Bedrock - Foundations Granite
Ferry Corsten - The System F
Afrika Bombata United Dj's of AmericaDJ Astrid Positive Energy
Noel Sanger - Ritual
Blu Peter - Millennium Mix
Scott Henry presents Buzz - The Politics of Sound
Trance Voices
Bauhaus Cafe vol 1
Parks and Wilson - Trust the DJ
Chris Fortier- Atmospherics the breaks
Blueman - Muzik Boutique vol 1
Taylor - Synesthesia
Chris Fortier - Trance America
D-Fuse - Psychotrance 2001
Jay melon - The Sounds of Screen
Talla 2XLC scans Tomcraft - Techo Club
Tall Paul - Future Sounds of Ibiza
Sharam - Deep Dish Toronto #25 Afterclub Mix
Deep Dish - Global Underground Toronto
Tommy Boy Boat Party 2002
Bedrock - Moonface Between Worlds
Noel Sanger - Vibrations of Light and Sound
Behrouz - Yoshitoshi Ibiza
Mara - Imprint : Choo CHoo - This Is Our House
Noel Sanger - Summer Breeze 2 - Nettwerk
DJ Astrid - Positive Energy - Nutrition
Moshic - Distorted Patterns - BNE
Arabian Travels 2 - Six Degrees
Keoki - - Moonshine
The Sound of Renaissance - Renaissance

Record Label Appearances

Bedrock, Yoshitoshi, Shinichi, Renaissance , Hope Recordings, Caffeine, Release, Musicnow, Shaken Not Stirred, 

Six Degrees, Koch , Stimuli, Global Underground, Fade, Choo Choo, OVA Records, Mute, Fifth Column

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