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In Love & Light vol III releases

After many many years of work and rework "In Love & Light vol 2" is finally ready for release... it has been too long and I apologize for the length of time it took to complete this one but I hope you enjoy it.

Been at it again and after many years of recording and writing and rewriting mastering and remastering and all the things that go into a thoughtful production of art I can finally say it is ready for release. Featuring many new artists and talents such as the percussionist Pezhham Arkvass, the vocalist Sonja Drakulich, harpist Diana Rowan, , and returning once again to the series vocalist Aida Shahghasemi, Bauback Yeganeh and Dominique Pe'lerin. I also worked with an artist I hadn't worked with in 15 years by the name of Devika Chawla whom I recorded for the album Satyriasis back in 2000. That album was really the sonic genesis of this series and having Devika back really brought it full circle. Look out for an EP from Devika and I later this year. Having recorded the majority of this album in San Francisco after I was invited to record and engineer a gathering of Israeli and Persian artists I was in awe of the music I was hearing and had to invite the artists to record with me on some of the ideas I had been coming up with for the next record. These sessions led to more relationships with other artists in the Bay Area and abroad. I even had the delight to work with master mandolin player Marla Fibish on the song 'Strong Enough'. I've stretched my knowledge of the art of recording and engineering these last few years and I think the results can be heard in these recordings. With  the use of ribbon microphones and small condensers with microphone preamps that bring out the subtle tonal aspects of the artists instruments I was really able to get the sounds I was looking for and blend them into the mix with a depth and clarity I had yet to achieve. I will soon be releasing another series that is a spin off of the music I've began writing in the pursuits of this series. More lounge style listening music for casual environments... Not as emotionally demanding of the listener is they so choose to surrender themselves to the undertones of tragic beauty that is often found in 'In Love & Light'.

The album can be purchased on iTunes digitally and on CD from and Amazon.

Please take a listen and support the music and the artists by sharing with your friends this work and others you may discover. I hope this music can find a home in your life.

Love & Light


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