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Holmes Ives & Jen Dawson


Ives (Yoshitoshi, Bedrock, Renaissance) and Dawson (Nervous, Juicy, Vamos) Sharing similar musical tastes and backgrounds with a mutual admiration for each others styles, a power house collaboration was born. Holmes Ives (Miami) and Jen Dawson (NY) were introduced by their mutual managers a few years ago and they instantly hit it off. Ives sent Dawson a track he’d been working on and and she then laid down some rough vocals in the studio. Ives was so enamored by them that he ended up using them for the final takes. It didn’t take long before they both realized they had a full album of material to write together. Jen Dawson describes Holmes Ives as her muse. “When I first was introduced to Holmes and heard his music it really changed me as an artist drastically. His music taught me to create deeper and more mature melodies and writing. Jen with her infecting hooks and Ives with his production mastery together they crafted songs reminiscent of Garbage meets Kaskade as if produced by Tomas Barford. It is an original sound born between them. It’s been a long awaited finished product that they are both very proud of.

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