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Holmes Ives

In Love & Light vol. III

The Story

When Volume 2 was complete it was yet again very clear to me a Volume 3 was to be. With a new cast of players and also some original collaborators from Volume 1 and 2  this album was destined to form itself crafted of healing and heart as connected to what inspired Volume 1 on through to the fading farewell in the finale track of Volume 3.

When Volume 2 was finished I had the good fortune of being invited to engineer and record a gathering of artists where I was introduced to some new friends with astounding talents. I stole away some moments in-between sessions to invite some of the artists down to the B Studio and play them some of my ideas where we then explored and collaborated on those song structures. Some of those recordings made it onto Volume 3 and as I returned to California several times later to record and collaborate with these artists which also led to new relationships from the world music scene in the Bay area and the Middle East. Also during the creation of this album I relocated my life to Miami and met artists from the New World Symphony and a glass bowls healer whom I recorded and engineered an album for. These meetings are all reflected in this music.

The sound of the series has evolved and matured and it has been an amazing learning experience throughout the 10 years that I have pursued this music or has it pursued me? My understanding and lack of understanding of music ever deepens as new lessons present themselves and new discoveries that leave one humbled in the awe of ferocious raw talent and complexities of rhythm and melody that leave one speechless and vulnerable in the beauty of what music is and can be. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to partake in this journey and present this music to you. I only made myself present and clear, conscious and sharpened to the stream of energy that is the creative artistic dance. Please have a listen and let this music hold you in its embrace.

A trilogy it is and now complete I can rest these bones and release these vibrations from my grasp and let them resonate outward to you as they may, possibly to inspire and unfold your joys, your sadness, your beauty and your better self.


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