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Holmes Ives & Meté

Ayriliq: The Remixes

Ayriliq means separation - something we all feel these days with the global pandemic.

    A chance encounter in San Francisco brought Holmes Ives and opera singer Mete Tasin together, as Tasin was performing a traditional rendition of Ayriliq and Ives was in the audience.  The song immediately struck a chord with Ives, who introduced himself and asked about the unique track.  A classic folk song, popular in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran, the two traded information and eventually got into the studio together to record the track, adding cello and harp, with a unique arrangement  thereby taking the track in an all new direction.

     After being released on 2020's Pneuma LP by Holmes Ives, the track was sent out for remixing and the legendary Anatolian Sessions was enlisted.   Growing up in Istanbul and coming of age in the city's underground music and techno scene has catapulted Anatolian Sessions onto the world stage, including Buddha Bar compilations. He was the perfect producer to remix Ayriliq, as he tells stories by blending the rich music culture of Anatolia with modern electronic and spiritual sounds. His remix of Ayriliq transforms the track for the dancefloor with a pulsing progressive house beat, a steady build and added ethnic instrumentation.  Anatolian Sessions has crafted a fine piece of global dance music that will move people from Ibiza and Phuket to the shores of the Black Sea.


     Holmes Ives has provided his own Ives' Velvet Remix, a emotive lounge music romp through the various moods of downtempo chill.  The Ives' Velvet Remix comes off as even smoother than the original, with a lush soundscape that begs you to slow down, listen and relax. Smooth lounge beats are the bed for layered vocals with dubby, washed out effects throughout.  The Ives Velvet Remix takes the vibe straight back to the classic era of chillout music, reminiscent of Peace Orchestra or Fila Brazilia.


     Two artists from Washington, DC were also tapped to remix Ayriliq, and both went in their own directions. Veterans of eclectic ethnic music and blending influences together are Black Masala, who ep the original vocals largely intact, opting for an all new arrangement with additional instrumentation.  While upbeat, this tune is a waltz for the mind, as the listener is taken on a sonic journey encompassing a few different moods and tempos.  The other remix is by Honest Lee, who is known for his trip-hop and analog breakbeat compositions, tunes and remixes.  He adds the legendary apache break, flanged guitars and some psychedelic arpeggio to great effect.  By treating and dropping the vocals, as well as loads of analog guitar effects, Honest Lee has created an all new Ayriliq, which stands on its own two feet.


     The original version is also included to make this a full 5-track release.  With remixes ranging from progressive house and breakbeat, to downtempo and chillout, there is truly something for everyone.  And after enjoying the various moods, tempos and genres of the remixes, be sure to soak up the original one more time, which really shows the amazing musicality of these producers overall.

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